Our metallic sealing solutions offer excellent temperature, fatigue and corrosion resistance, and are used in high temperature applications and demanding environments of up to 1000C. We offer a variety of technologies, complex assemblies and finishes to meet unique application requirements.

Rubber Coated Metal

  • Low carbon and stainless steel carriers in a variety of hardness formulas and coating options
  • Single and multiple layers
  • Applications include automotive transmission, semi-hermetic compressor, air intake, water pump, oil filter adapter, oil cooler, front cover and other secondary engine sealing. Head gaskets for small engine and compressor applications

Stainless Steel

  • Excellent temperature, fatigue and corrosion resistance
  • Applications include cylinder head, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, EGR, turbocharger and other hot and secondary applications that experience high mechanical stress

High Nickel Alloy Steel (Inconel)

  • Excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance
  • High temperature capabilities
  • Applications include exhaust manifold, EGR, turbocharger and other hot applications

High Temperature Coatings

  • Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) for a maximum tempreature of 350C
  • HGC HT (High Temperature) Dry Film Coating for a maximum of 950C
  • Coating methods: pre-coating prior to or spray coating after gasket manufacturing

Enhanced Sealability Coatings

  • NBR is an economical choice when a general purpose rubber coating is required
  • FKM for applications requiring excellent chemical resistance and/or high temperature resistance